image battle

My heart is weak

It fails me again

No strength inside

To pull from within

Darkness tries to overcome

I try desperately not to succumb

I want so much to be strong and brave

But hiding and comfort is what I crave

The battle is fierce and lonely and some days too hard to bear

But I can rest in the assurance that God you are always there

This battle within heavily demands my attention

And is more in this moment than what I can mention

I have this faith and Your truth to believe

So there are things in me that need to be upheaved

No longer allowed to take up precious and limited space

But these things in my life need to be displaced

No room for the past and the lies I have believed

Only your faithfulness and love that I have received

What is it within me that I cannot see?

That has this strong,  unrelenting grip on me.

I beg, I plead for answers that will show

Oh Lord please tell me which way I should go

Your word says I have all that I need

So why can’t  today your words I heed?

I’m desperate for a hope that has quietly faded

Not lost or forgotten, just heavily jaded

I choose in this moment to trust once more

That when it is time you will open the new door

For me to see your plans fuller and true

An unfolding  story that will come into view

You God are my only hope for a life lived with purpose

Help me dive deeper than the  things on the surface

To live in the fullness of your mercy and grace

Instead of the pain of this unsteady race

Fill me today so that I can in strength keep moving

And live another day trusting in your approving

For you are the only audience for me

And fully in your presence I long to be

Fill me today with your  magnificent hearts desire

And fill my dark places with a renewed holy fire


  1. So beautiful and so very real for all of us. Joy, don’t ever let Satan convince you that you are alone in your struggles. There is NO ONE who isn’t in a constant battle over their relationship with God…and often that battle rages in our very own minds. The exhaustion of feeling like you have to constantly fight “yourself” can be overwhelming, but YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Love you so much!


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